David E. Arredondo


Beauty is everywhere™, All things constantly teach us. The Reality of the world is
that it is designed to teach us to *see* and grow. To *see* the truth, you must open your
eyes, your mind, and your heart.

These are core beliefs of David E. Arredondo.

Arredondo received his art history training at Harvard College, his training as a medical neuroscientist (M.D.) at Harvard Medical School, his training as a painter in Provence, and his training as a Buddhist from the Dalai Lama (with whom be took bodhisattva vows).

Arredondo denies to ANY of these the final authority to identify who he is. He challenges those who would know him and his work to look at both -- and the world -- with fresh eyes.
He contends that most of us view the world wearing blinders. Our self-inflicted blinders -- animated by fear, anxiety, and preconditioned thinking about what is beautiful and what is not -- prevent us from seeing clearly.

Quoting the Tao de Ching (a principal text he uses in his coaching of Silicon Valley executives) Arredondo says bluntly "A Way can be a guide but not a fixed path".

Arredondo further contends that most of us suffer from preconditioned thinking, predicated upon whatever our parents, our friends and the media have told us, shown us, or imposed upon us. Most of his clinical work is comprised of helping people evolve out of such preconditioned (often deeply ingrained but hidden) belief systems to reach a freer and more joyous way of looking at love, life, work, and the "real" world in which we live.

Arredondo believes we are primarily driven by fear but that being driven by *Love* works better.

Arredondo has re-discovered a new genre of photography. Informed by painters of the 19th and 20th centuries, He declares that yes, the surface is the subject, but these surfaces are everywhere. Arredondo finds beauty in surfaces where others see the mundane, the common place, the uninteresting, even the ugly.

Deeply engrossed in the study of the mind for a quarter a century, Arredondo emerged from a profoundly dark time of great personal grief and loss to declare a new day - no longer would he hide his discovery. BEAUTY IS EVERYWHERE TM.

Arredondo photographs exquisite images of the most commonplace subject matter -- sun beaten metal , dumpsters, tow trucks, dilapidated light poles, tire tread, salvaged auto parts, decaying fiberboard, rusting house paint cans, painters pallettes -- and shows us how open eyes view these surfaces as manifestations of profound beauty.

"See clearly, before you judge" is Arredondo’s suggestion.

That decaying wall is a magnificent collaboration between man and nature.

An insect may be a lowly thing but *see* its determination and clarity of purpose.

Peeling paint on a rusted tow truck, rust and mud on the inside of a wheelbarrow, faded poster walls -- the list is infinite.

The pace of the woman in the check-out line is, at first glance, slow and tedious. Only when you actually *see* her do you discover the shine that radiates from her eyes to illuminte a profound soul of compassion, forbearance and wisdom. If you were in less of a hurry, and less fearful of missing something else, you would not overlook her beauty, even as she stands before you.

Arredondo’s art quietly insists that we stop to *see*. ( Pick up a camera youreslf! His overarching aspiration is to continue identifying and documenting beauty; to inspire others to discover how much beauty there is in this world and to transmute intensely personal lessons of sorrow and pain into gifts.
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